Homeshopping.PK removed without warning.

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Pakistan’s top web store HomeShopping.Pk’s official page removed from Facebook on 28th of February.

here is the official statement from about the incident.

Since Home Shopping Pakistan started we have been facing various attempts by competitors to take us down. From series of Ddos attacks to having a dedicated seo team to write fake negative reviews over the internet about us but fortunately they have never succeeded as it was on our servers and we controlled it but this time around they changed tactics and made baseless complaints to facebook about our page and facebook closed our page without any reasoning.

Yes, they have literally removed our Facebook page… no warning, no details, no recourse.

Just a notification that our page had been “removed.”

All that energy… the contests, the creativity, the work. You had to see the passion and excitement of the admins who make Facebook happen. And now? They are destroyed.

In a second, 33,000 fans disappear. HSN Pakistan fans are not meeting, interacting, doing all the good and wonderful things that have evolved since the months that we started. A piece of HSN Pakistan has been amputated.

We are blogging about this here to start a public debate about this Facebook policy (“execution without trial”), and to ask for your support to reverse this action.

If one of our admins has made an error, so be it. We are willing to be red-faced and say, “Sorry.” But I cannot imagine what we could have done wrong, let alone anything that would remove the page of a non-repeat infringer.

You know the way we work. We just don’t do that, never received a hint of a warning. All we do is upload products pictures that we selling on our website.

Not only is this devastating for the whole team and for the company, but it raises the major issue…

If Facebook can unilaterally pull your Facebook page after months/years/decades(?) of work without the right to face an accuser, without any details, what is the value of a Facebook page for business?

We really need your help with this…

This is the age of the social Web. Please spread this word to everyone you know, from friends who barely know how to turn on a computer to gurus of social media.

Spread it with class, with fairness… without exaggeration or maliciousness. But please do spread it far and wide…

This is arbitrary and hurtful at one level, and it reduces the value of building a Facebook business page to “waste of time” at the higher level.

The conversation should not be on our blog. Please move it to other blogs, to newspapers.

Please do not let this outrageous policy stand.

Thanking you for all your help,


Team HSN Pakistan.


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