Election 2013, Delicious offers.


What your vote can bring you this election?

A free sorbet from Lals Patisserie.
A free coffee from Espresso.
25% off on dinner at Ginsoy.
Free Soft drink from Pie in the Sky and for first 25 customers at their all outlets their new Chicken & Cheese sandwich.
A free cocktail at Kehva.
Free cookies from Neenis.
Free green cake pop from Cakery.
Free drinks from Lattle Lounge.
Free sikanjabeen from Cafe Koel.
Free desert from Lantern.
Free Dodh Pati from Chai Master.
15% off from Cafe Forty4.
Free Burger of your choice from Good Boys Hungry Hut.
Welcome Drink, Soft Drinks, Brownie, Spicy crispy fries from Log Inn Lounge.
Free Froyo worth Rs. 100 from Berrylicious.
Free Malt Kufli from The Patio.
Free Fries and Mint Lemonade from Cafe 76.
Free Iced Coffee from Gloria Jeans.

and more so just go anyone of the above or all the above locations and show them you inked thumb and claim your freebies.


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