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Billboard turns water dispenser


The billboard serves a dual purpose, acting to draw students to the newly established engineering university UTEC.

Bug inspires self-filling bottle
Just outside Lima, Peru, a billboard provides drinking water to whoever needs it – mainly, its neighbours.

The panel produces clean water from the humidity in the air, through filters.

Researchers at the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) in Lima and advertising agency Mayo Peru DraftFCB joined forces to launch it.

UTEC says it wanted to put “imagination into action” and show that it is possible to solve people’s problems through engineering and technology.

“A billboard that produces drinking water from air,” says the billboard up high. And it does what it says on the tin: so far, the billboard has produced over 9,000 litres of drinking water – 96 litres a day.

The panel is strategically located in the village of Bujama, an area south of the capital city that is almost a desert, where some people have no access to clean water.

Access to all
Despite tough conditions with little rain, air humidity reaches 98%, says UTEC.

“The panel traps humidity in the air and transforms it into water. It’s that simple,” said Jessica Ruas, a spokesperson from the university.

“There is a lot of water. It is right there in the sea, but it is not suitable for drinking purposes, and costs a lot of money to process it.”

Ruas says the system might become a wider solution for the problem.

The billboard has become something of a local attraction as well as a local resource
“It doesn’t have to come in the shape of a billboard, but ingenuity is key to development”.

Internally, the panel consists of five devices that extract water vapour from the air using a condenser and filters.

Water is stored in tanks at the top of the structure. Once filtered, it flows down a pipe connected to a tap, accessible to everybody.

The internal system costs some US$1,200 (£790) to set up.

On the publicity side, the panel itself seeks to attract the “creative minds that Peru needs” to the young UTEC, which was founded only a year ago.

“We want to change the minds of future engineers and inspire them,” said Ms Ruas.

The neighbours have given the billboard a warm welcome. It has become a local attraction for and motorists and an indispensable part of life in the local village.

“We hadn’t realised how big the impact would be,” said Ms Ruas.

via BBC UK.


Chowkandi Tombs – the city of dead


chowkandi tombs were built in 15th century A.D, these tombs are of Jokhio & Baluch tribes who used to live there from 15th to 18th century A.D, chowkandi means 4 corners.


they are situated 29 km east in Karachi city on n5-national highway in front of fast-nu.


chowkandi is famous for its great creative engraving on the tombs and these tombs are mostly 2 feet wide, 5 to 8 feet long and 4-14 feet high


tombs of men at chowkandi can be identified with the art of horses, swords, bow & arrows.

tombs of women can be identified with the art of jewelry which includes bracelets, ear rings and necklaces.


Chowkandi 8 Chowkandi 7 Chowkandi 6 Chowkandi 5 Chowkandi 1 Chowkandi 2 Chowkandi 3 Chowkandi 4Chowkandi 9